Managing Apple Search Ads activity

In this article, we’ll cover the unique value propositions that Luna offers for your Apple Search Ads activity

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When you access Luna’s Campaign Manager, you may notice that in the level navigation bar there are two unique levels of Keywords - Keywords and Keyword (Analysis):

Let’s dive into the difference between these levels.

Keywords level

This level is similar to the keywords level on the Apple Search Ads dashboard. Here, you’ll see all the keywords that are being used in your campaigns as separate entities.

Changing keyword bids

One of the most common actions you can take when optimizing your activity is changing keyword bids according to their performance.

To change a keyword's bid, click on the Keyword Bid column value and enter a new bid:

To change multiple bids at once, select all of the keywords that you want to adjust, then click on Actions → insert the desired bid:

Keyword (analysis) level

This is a hierarchy level unique to Luna. On this level, the same keywords associated with different ad groups are consolidated into a single entity. This gives you a holistic view of each keyword’s performance across all campaigns.

This level contains unique columns, such as # of ad groups, rank, and labels.

Search terms

In both keyword levels, you will have the option to switch to the Search Terms subtab, which lists all of the terms that users search for in the App Store. Discover more about Search Terms here.

Keyword Discovery

The Keyword Discovery tool by Sensor Tower lets you scale your activity by finding new keywords using competitor insights. You can see a list of keywords that any app is using in its campaigns.

To enter the tool, open either of the keyword levels and click on Keyword Discovery:

Learn more about Keyword Discovery by Sensor Tower on the Help Center or check out this blog post all about the tool.


If you’re using custom product pages, this is the level where you can see the ad groups associated with each one.

CPP (Analysis)

Use this level to get a consolidated view of the custom product pages you created and how they’re performing across campaigns. Check out this blog post to learn more about custom product pages and how to optimize them.

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