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Campaign actions & analysis
Campaign actions & analysis

Learn how to take actions on your activity and use more advanced analysis tools.

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Create a new campaign

To create a campaign from scratch, select the relevant app first from the app picker. Then, open the Campaigns level and click on the Create button, below the date picker.

And if you want to dive deeper into Apple Search Ads campaign creation on Luna, that’s what this article is for.

The Actions bar

Once you’ve started a new campaign, there are a lot of actions you can take to start building it out and scale your activity.

Start by selecting one or more campaigns from the grid. And just like that - the Actions Bar will appear.

Each level provides different types of actions, so feel free to dig around!

Copying a campaign

Want to copy an existing campaign or that one you just created?

Let’s navigate to the Campaigns level, and select a campaign. Then, go to Actions and select Copy Campaign:

Graph and compare

Putting your campaign performance onto a graph is one of the simplest ways to spot trends and get a clear overview.

You can find the overtime graph on the Actions Bar.

To learn more about Luna's Overtime Graph, check out this article.


To compare multiple entities on the graph, select two or more entities and from the Actions Bar and click on Compare on Graph:

Use this function to understand which attributes make your entity perform better than the others.

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