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The basics

Learn how to utilize Luna to maximize your activity

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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Luna. Luna's platform lets you analyze, scale, and optimize your activity for better performance.

In the following articles, we’ll cover the basics of our platform and provide useful tips for you. Let’s take a look at how you can personalize the data on our platform to help you extract insights more efficiently.

Luna's Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager lets you analyze your activity and take action accordingly. You can find it in the Main Navigation Bar:

Let's review the features you can use from this dashboard:

The grid

Your grid is composed of campaign metrics from the various data sources you connected to the platform, like channels, MMPs, and BI systems.


You can customize your grid by organizing the columns into unique views. You can add new columns, remove unnecessary ones, or change their order of appearance. Once you’re satisfied, save the view for future use. Click here to learn more about it.

Opening saved views

To open a saved or a predefined system view, click on the views drop-down menu below the level navigation bar.

Explore your data

Group-By and Breakdowns

Group-By and Breakdown tools enrich your analysis by letting you dive deeper and get a wider view of performance across different entities. They are available on every activity level: Campaigns, Ad groups, ads, etc.

  • Use the Group-By function to consolidate multiple entities that share similar attributes such as country, age, or platform.

  • Use the Breakdown function to split one entity into multiple lines according to a certain attribute, such as the date or placement.

You can find these tools to the right of the Columns drop-down menu.

Take a deeper dive and learn more about Breakdowns here and Group-Bys here.


On the top bar, you can see our main filters: apps, channels, platforms, and date picker. You can find additional filters under the Search filters menu.


Different levels let you analyze your activity at varying levels of granularity. Below the filters, you will see a bar that holds each level, organized in order of increasing granularity.

In addition to the levels seen in the channels, such as Campaigns and Ad groups, there are some levels unique to Luna designed to make campaign management as simple as possible 👇


The Apps level gives you an overview of all your apps at once so you can manage your activity and extract high-level insights quickly.


Below the Apps level is the Offers level. Think of each offer as a folder holding a group of campaigns that share the same app, platform, and channel. You can then segment the offers based on various attributes, such as country or campaign type. Learn more about offers here.

Level navigation

There are many ways to navigate between levels. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on one of the levels' names. To learn about other ways you can navigate in your activity, go here.

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