Twitter/Luna Setup

Follow the simple steps below in order to provide API access to Luna.

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Step 1 - Login to your Twitter Account

In order to connect your Twitter API to Luna, first log into your Twitter account.

Step 2 - Luna (formerly Bidalgo) Authorization

  1. Follow this Link.

  2. Enter your company name.

  3. Allow access and agree to Luna's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  4. Click on "Login with Twitter".

5. You will be redirected to your Ads Manager page. In the top right corner, click on the name of your ads account and select "Edit access to account" from the drop-down menu:

6. Once on the multi-user login screen of your ads account, click on the "Add access" button:

7. And insert the following:

  • Name field: @AdsBidalgo

  • Permissions: Ad Manager

8. Make sure to check the box “Can compose promotable tweets”.

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