Branch Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Branch and Luna.

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Step 1 - Getting Started with Branch

Log in to your Branch account.

Step 2 - API Integration (only installs + reattribution data)

In order to import Installs and Re-attribution data from Branch to Luna, please provide your Luna Customer Success Manager with the app’s Key and Secret parameters.

How to find your Branch Key and Branch Secret?

1. Go to the Account Settings page, click on the Profile tab.

2. Here you can copy your Branch Key and Secret.

Please note, your keys are specific to an app and only the admin can see them. If you are the admin and you can't see this option on your view, switch to App View from the menu dropdown.

Important note: Branch stores data in its backend in UTC format and when the data is exported via Branch API, it is converted to the time zone set on the Branch Dashboard. This time zone conversion can cause an expected small discrepancy between the Branch dashboard data and the data sent via Branch API, which you will see in Luna.

Step 3 - Add Luna as a Team Member

  1. Go to the Account Settings page in the dashboard, and click on the Team tab.

  2. Click Add App Team Member.

  3. Enter the email address luna_integrations+<client_name> (for example

  4. Click Search User.

  5. If the user does not already exist, you will be prompted to complete the following fields:
    a. First Name: Luna
    b. Last Name: Partner
    c. Access Level: Team Member

  6. Click Invite.

Step 4 - Custom Events Data Integration

Note: Custom events data import is supported based on the event-time (not install-time).

If you are interested in importing custom events data to Luna, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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