Singular/Apsalar Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between Singular and Luna.

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The following article will guide you through granting Luna permissions in Singular.

To fully connect your account to Luna, fill in this form first.

Step 1 - Provide Access to your Singular Dashboard

1. Go to Settings > Team Management.

2. Click Create New User.

3. Enter the email using the following template (change <clientName> to your company's name): luna_integrations+<client_name>
For example - [email protected].

4. Choose the Standard type of user.

5. Once you click Create User, the Luna user is added to the pending users' list and receives an invitation email.

Step 2- Find Singular API Key

1. Log in to your Singular account.

2. Go to Settings > API.

3. Click Show Key.

4. Click Copy Key and add it to the Onboarding form or provide it to your Luna Customer Success Manager.

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