TikTok/Luna Setup
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Step 1 - Luna (formerly Bidalgo) Authorization

1. Login to your TikTok Ads account.

2. In the same browser click on the following Link.

3. Enter your company name.

4. Allow access and agree to Luna's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

5. And click on "Login with TikTok".

6. You will see the following pop-up window - click on "Confirm":

You will receive the following screen message:

Step 2 - Add Luna (formerly Bidalgo) as a Team Member

1. Go to the User tool bar and click "Member"

2.​ Click "Invite Member"

3. Insert​ the following email address with your company name after "+":


(for example: [email protected]).

Please note: the company name should match the environment name in Luna Control.

4. Choose Standard option and click "Next"

5. Assign access to all relevant accounts.

6. Select Ad Account Operator permissions.

7. Click "Confirm".

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