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Luna Advanced Connectivity
Luna Advanced Connectivity

How to use connect to Luna ETL service

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Luna offers the ability (Beta) to use a scheduled report infrastructure in order to share CSV reports to the following cloud solutions:

  • Dropbox

  • Google Drive

  • Amazon S3

  • Box

  • Egnyte

Follow these steps to activate it:

Step 1: Create a dedicated view

Define a new view which consolidates all the relevant columns you want to include in your reports. Read more about Customizing your view

Step 2: Add Media Spend filter

Add "Media Spend Greater than 0" filter

Step 3: Create a Scheduled Report

Click on the Export button and select "Schedule and Manage"

Fill in the following:

  • Report Name: name of the report which will be synced to the cloud

  • Date Range: last X days of the report. Please make sure you select a date range <60 days

  • Recurrence: Daily

  • Recipients: your email address

and click Schedule.

Step 4: Test your report

Click on the "Eye" and make sure the report contains all required fields

Step 5:

Provide your CSM with the following information:

  1. Report name

  2. Cloud service of choice

Cloud Configuration

Amazon S3

  • Please create a dedicated Bucket for Luna

  • The bucket should have all permissions

Provide us with :

  • Bucket Name

  • Bucket Key

  • Bucket Secret

  • Bucket Region

  • ACL permissions: default is bucket-owner-read


  • FTP server Ip address

  • user name

  • Password

  • FTP folder Path ( folder in the user root directory)

  • port - default 22

Google Drive


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