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Naming Conventions

Save time, decrease errors and increase efficiency using naming convention services.

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Luna offers naming convention automation for all hierarchy levels, and while you have the option of creating names manually, automating this process:

  • Saves you time

  • Is more efficient 

  • Helps to decrease errors

  • Enables Luna AI to create campaigns that fit your structural needs

How to Submit a Request:

The request needs to be sent in the form of a table where your specifications will be defined. The more details and examples provided, the better the process will work.

If you are already in the onboarding process and were sent here by our Solutions team, please attach the table to the Monday board you were sent. If you have not started this process and are interested in using this service, please contact your client success manager. 

Table format (example below):

Requirements for each level:

  • Template- what are the parameters (macros) that should be included?

  • Static/Dynamic- which parameters are static (unchangeable) and which are dynamic (changed according to the value)?

  • Separator- what is the separator between the parameters? If you wish to use a space as a separator, please don't leave this blank, and write "space".

  • Specifications- elaborate for each relevant parameter any special requirement. For example:
    - If there is a certain format the parameters should be written in like “gender” can be written as “Female” or “F”, “all genders” can be “A” or “All” etc.
    - Is there a requirement for upper/lower case.
    - If there are multiple values for a specific parameter specify the needed format. for example: “country” parameter, shows up to 3 countries if running a bundle.

  • Examples- please provide at least 2 different examples of each level.


  • Please specify which requests are mandatory. Luna will try to fulfill all of your requests but in case a request is not supported Luna will use its default formatting.

Once you have submitted the request, the Luna Solutions team will return with the relevant set-up and any necessary adjustments.

Examples of table format:
Campaign level:

Ad set level:

Ad level:

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