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BI Integration (External Data)
BI Integration (External Data)

Integrate your BI data to Luna's platform to provide a clearer understanding of all funnel levels!

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Luna allows you to present aggregated data from multiple sources: Channels, MMPs and your own BI system. 

The BI integration is done through a CSV file that is sent automatically from the client's side to Luna on a daily basis. While usually the set up is done during the onboarding process by the client’s technical team, please note that this process can be done at any stage. 

In this article, we'll review the benefits of integrating your BI system and how to do so.

How can this help you?

  • Data Consolidation - enables you to view and analyze your activity in one page, provides a clearer understanding of all funnel levels. 

  • Efficiency in the optimization process - take direct actions without the need to skip between platforms.

  • AI capabilities - in some cases Luna AI can take these additional metrics into consideration and improve performance.

How does it work?

After reviewing the requirements below, inform your Client Success Manager that you are interested in implementing your internal data, and the Luna team will guide you on how to generate an example report. The report should include only relevant and important metrics that you use during your daily optimization process.

After our Tech team approves your report, you should set up the CSV file to be sent to Luna automatically on a daily basis (to [email protected]) with a specific email title that will be given by the solutions team. Please make sure that this email title cannot be changed. 

The file should be sent directly from your BI system to Luna. Sending the file manually is problematic and can cause issues such as corrupted files, generation of incorrect data and missing days. 

Once the file is received by Luna, it is automatically implemented to the Luna UI.


  • The file must be in CSV format - sending in Excel format can result in corrupted data.

  • A separate CSV file must be sent for each individual channel (not per individual app).

  • Mandatory columns: Install date and identifier of the lowest level (for example, Facebook: ad ID).

  • Column header names must contain Latin letters. Other alphabets are not supported.

  • Column values must be numerical ($/number). Text and percentages are not supported.

  • Preferred date format: mm/dd/yyyy - other formats can be adapted

  • The minimum time frame is 7 days. If the report contains events with cohort days, please consider a wider time frame (e.g. 30 days).

Format example:

Cohorted Format example:

If this service interests you, please contact your Client Success Manager! 

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