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AppsFlyer Configuration

The following guide will walk you through the steps for enabling the integration between AppsFlyer and Luna Control.

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Step 1 - Provide Luna API Permissions - Mandatory

1. Click Integrated Partners under Configuration.

2. Search for "Luna (formerly bidalgo) - API Permissions".


If you can't find "Luna (formerly bidalgo) - API Permissions" in the list, please first integrate Luna partner following the steps a-d below:
a. Go to Explore marketplace.

b. Search for "Luna (formerly Bidalgo) - API Permissions" and click Manage integration.

c. Search for the relevant app ID and click on it.
If you have Android and iOS apps, please repeat steps a-c for both apps.

3. Allow partner to get Aggregate analytics reporting.

For iOS apps please also allow SKAN reporting.

4. Click Save API access.

Note for Twitter:

Since Twitter campaign data isn't available to campaign-management partners (AppsFlyer article), it is required to provide AppsFlyer V2.0 token to Luna for the Twitter data integration.

How to get the V2.0 token:

  1. Log in to your AppsFlyer account.

  2. Click the email address located on the right side of the header bar.

  3. Select API tokens.

  4. Copy the V2.0 token and send it to your Client Success Manager.

Step 2 - Add Luna As a Team Member

1. Click your login name at the top right-hand side and select User management.

2. Click New user.

3. Enter the following:

  • Department: Other

  • Role: Marketing

4. Select the apps to which you want to give this user access.

By default, all apps are selected and associated with the new team member.

If you have selected to associate All apps, you can also include all future apps by checking Allow access to all future apps.


Only account admins can create new team members.

More details on Appsflyer's User management guide.

Providing a team member to Luna will allow you to maintain a stable data sync with Luna Control, therefore it is highly recommended.

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