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Step 1 - Authorize Luna (formerly Bidalgo)

  1. Login to your Snapchat ads account.

  2. In the same browser click on the following Link.

  3. Enter your company name.

  4. Allow access and agree to Luna's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  5. And click on "Login with Snapchat".

6. You might be requested to re-enter your password:

7. Then, the following window will pop up - please click on "Continue":

You will receive the following screen message as a confirmation of the successful authorization:

Step 2 - Provide Analyst Access to Luna (formerly Bidalgo)

In order to for us to provide optimized performance together with seamless integration, we strongly advise providing Luna (formerly Bidalgo) with Snapchat Analyst permissions. 

1. Navigate to Business Settings > Members section.

   2. Click on + Invite Member and enter the following details:

3. Click Invite Member.

4. Navigate to Account Memberships and assign the relevant account with "Data Analyst" Role.

5. Click +Add Role.

Step 3 - Provide Logo for Story Ads (Optional)

In order to use story ads, please provide us with a 993x284 PNG App Logo.

The Logo will be used for any story ads. See below what it looks like in Snapchat:

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