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To use Luna's platform to advertise on Pinterest, there are three elements to complete:

  • Pinterest Account - Luna Setup

  • Measurement Partner Setup

  • Luna Setup


The Pinterest partner setup process and the measurement partner integration process must be complete before your activity can be transferred to Luna.

Pinterest Account - Luna Setup

New to Pinterest

  1. If you do not have a Pinterest account yet, set one up by clicking here.

  2. Introduce us to your partner manager at Pinterest, it will help everyone stay in the loop.


Pinterest accepts payment in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or NZD.

Setting up Luna as partner (PMP):


If you will not be paying Pinterest directly, contact your Luna rep for additional instructions.

Go to the following form: Advertiser Direct Activation Form

  1. Under Pinterest Marketing Partner (PMP) choose Bidalgo Inc.

  2. Fill in the rest of the form with all relevant details.

  3. Introduce us to your partner manager at Pinterest, it will help everyone stay in the loop.

  4. Once you complete the PMP form, you may receive an email from Pinterest asking for more information about your order. To allow Luna to run your campaigns efficiently, reply that the order type is “Perpetual” and that bidding type is “CPC”.

  5. Pinterest will review your form and let you know if any details are missing, run a credit check and move you to payment by invoice, and issue you an IO to sign. It can take several weeks to complete the Pinterest billing process, especially for non-US clients.

  6. Once you sign this IO, it will take Pinterest one day to activate Luna as a partner.


The Pinterest UI remains open for your use while transferring your activity to Luna. When you start working through the Luna platform, the ads UI will be closed on the Pinterest platform. You will still be able to upload Audience lists and follow billing items through the UI.

Measurement Partner Setup:

You can set up measurement partner tracking while the Pinterest process takes place.

Follow the steps in the relevant partner guides to configure this to run through Luna.

Luna Setup:

Once you have completed the Pinterest process, send your Luna contact the following information:

  • Credentials for the Pinterest platform.

  • Link to your app page on the Apple store.

  • Whether you would like to have your current activity on Pinterest migrated to Luna.

  • Your Pinterest contact person details (if you have not sent this previously).

Luna Support will connect your Pinterest account to the platform, and your Luna representative will contact you to help you successfully launch your first campaign.

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